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 andread      08.08.2020 - 12:41:10 , level: 1, UP   NEW
D: fúúúúha

2 years ago (edited)
A lot of people think he is dead... But if you look at the crime scene picture it's clearly a fake. His bodyguard said after he got shot they pulled him out of the car and laid him on the ground... If you look at the crime scene picture, there is no blood on the ground... People should know after you get shot a couple of times your clothes are going to get bloody and going to leave blood wherever you're laying... There would have been blood on the seat too... But there was no blood. Suge knight would have got hit a couple of times too... But he said he was "shot in the head"...He would have been dead too, because a couple of bullets would have hit him on the side of his head...or shot on top of his head..because he said he "pulled him down trying to cover him"... That "last picture" they said was the last one of him alive sitting in the car... They said it was taken at a stop light.. But if you look at it... There is no reflection of the stop light on the windshield, no keys...and at the bottom of the picture it has the date 9-8-96...How can that be if he was "shot" on the 7th and "died" 7 days later? He was a ACTOR....he could have easily faked his death... (Can't y'all see it will be easy for him to get away?) He was a smart intelligent man... It was staged... He staged his own murder to get away from people tryin to kill him. The doctors, the cops, the paramedics were in on it too... The paramedics were talking like they were trying to remember a script... There was a guy that works for the corners office there, He even said it was a fake autopsy picture.. Can't y'all see there is too much proof? 2pac and Suge Knight paid them all to help 2pac! They say if your life is being threatened here, you're welcome in Cuba... If you didn't notice all 21 years he's been "dead"...There has been to many different stories... I'm not tryin to say his alive....but there is too much proof proving he actually faked his death.